Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recurrent -- A python library for natural language parsing of recurring events

For a project I'm working on I needed the ability to turn a natural language phrase like "every other saturday starting next month" into iCalendar-standard RRULEs. I couldn't find a python library that implemented this, so I built it. Check it out on github.

Here are some example input phrases and output recurrence rules:

  • 'daily starting march 3rd until april 5th' => 'DTSTART:20120303\nRRULE:FREQ=DAILY;INTERVAL=1;UNTIL=20120405'
  • 'the first and third friday of every month' => 'RRULE:BYDAY=1FR,3FR;INTERVAL=1;FREQ=MONTHLY'
  • 'once a year on the fourth thursday in november' => 'RRULE:BYMONTH=11;BYDAY=4TH;INTERVAL=1;FREQ=YEARLY'
It's an alpha release currently, so please submit any issues you find.

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